Rain International is proud to be the first in the industry to create nutritional health products solely based on seed nutrition. Seeds are the fundamental basis of healthy and nutritious plants. Think of a plant, any plant. Think of all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you get from eating that plant. Now, all of the benefits and nutrition come from the core of the plant, the seed.

This page is a simple step by step guide created to walk you through the uncomplicated process of purchasing health products from Rain International. Specifically, an easy to follow instruction guide of how to buy Rain® Soul, Form, Core, and other Rain products.

Customers can choose to further explore information on Rain International products before officially purchasing. Each product has its own page explaining the product from how it is beneficial to your overall health and nutrition, it’s specific ingredients, how it will improve your bodily health, and so on.

Customers that feel as though they need no help in the ordering process of Rain International products can skip this tutorial and order by following this link. All other potential customers should continue reading.

Rain Soul

$ 65/Box - 1 Month Supply
  • One box contains one month of supply for just $65.00 so for less than a cup of coffee a day from Starbucks you get all the fuel your body deserves.

Rain Core

$ 73/Box - 30 Pack
  • One box with 30 consumptions costs $73.00

Rain Form

$ 79/ 1 Container
  • One box with 30 consumptions costs $73.00.

Rain Fused

Infused Coffee
$22/ 1 Box
  • One box of Fused is $22.00.

Step-by-Step Ordering Process

Here are the step-by-step instructions to successfully and securely order one or more beneficial products from Rain.

Step 1: Click the link to be automatically taken to the Official Rain International Website Order Form

  • Go to: Rain Order Website
  • Select your Country
  • Next to upline user ID fill in: 311632

Step 2: Select the number of boxes you will order of each Rain product

  • Select the amount of boxes you want of Rain Soul, Rain Core or Rain Form. Fill this in the QTY.

Step 3: Customer’s required information.

  • Fill in all the required information so you can receive the product personally. If you want to make purchases for your family it is possible from one customer. So you only control everything under one account.
  • Read and accept the “Rain International Policies and Procedures”.
  • Press Next
  • Fill in all your shipping information so you get the packages delivered to your doorstep
  • Press Next to go to the next page.

Step 4: Select Shipping Method

  • Select a method for shipping
  • Now you arrive at the Rain International Autoship program.

Step 5: Automatic Shipment (Autoship)

  • You are now at the Rain International Autoship program page.
  • Here you select the day you want your product shipped every month.
  • The Rain International Autoship program saves you the need to reorder every month but it can be canceled at any time.

Step 6: Review Order

  • Review all of your ordering and customer information to ensure it is accurate.
  • This ensures prompt delivery with no delays.
  • Press next
  • Enter credit card information and your billing address.
  • Press next to continue to the final page.

Step 7: Complete order

  • You will receive a “Complete” message with a new “User ID” and “Password”.
  • You can use your new “User ID” and “Password” to log in to the Rain site to place orders, cancel, and modify auto ship settings.

Thank you for joining the Rain Intl. family. We know you will enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of using our unique Rain International products.

Please subscribe or check back often for offers and information on both new and existing Rain products.

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