Welcome to our page with the FAQ about Rain International / Rain Seed Products and other relevant information that could be useful. If you would have any other questions about Rain related products or any other questions, please do not hesitate to use the contact us page on our website. We will happily reply and answer all your questions.

Do your products contain GMOs?

We carry products containing non-GMO seeds. GMO stands for “genetically modified organism,” so if you’re trying to avoid those, you’ll like our products. We want only to use the natural and pure not modified seeds. More information about GMO goes to the GMO Wikipedia page.

Below you can find all the certificates of Rain Products.

How do I consume the Rain Seed Products?

Shake the package and rip off the top at the perforation. Open mouth, and pour product inside. You may want to stop to take a breath occasionally. In my own experience, the products taste better when you put them in the fridge. It feels more refreshing in your mouth.

Can I use only one product at a time, or can I use them together?

Do you remember the “crossing the streams” scene from the first “Ghostbusters”? That. The products especially Rain Core and Rain Soul work in synergy with each other.

What happens when you take all the products together?

Our products are manufactured to be complementary, so when you take more than one, the ingredients work with each other to produce a stronger effect.

Do I take these plain or do I have to mix them with food?

You can do either. They’re easy to take by themselves, but if you want to mix them into smoothies, ice cream, or other foods, that works too. In fact, a lot of our customers like to do that. The products taste rather good when you add them into other foods, especially cold foods.

So I can take them plain — does that mean I can take them on an empty stomach, or do they have to be taken close to meal times?

Either is fine. However, you do want to be hydrated. Be sure you’re drinking enough water each day, and take the products with some water, too. Many of the vitamins in the products are water-soluble.

Will these products help me get healthier if I have health problems? What conditions do they treat?

These products aren’t going to treat anything — they are made to help your overall health so your body is stronger. Think of this as added nutrition, rather than medicine. There are many consumers of Rain experiencing a lot of benefits, so our advice is to try it and see for yourself if you feel any better.

Where do you get your ingredients, like the seeds?

We get our seeds from a mix of locations, but all of the places that sell us these seeds are non-GMO farms.

Are the products made in the USA?

Yes, they are! They’re made in Utah at one of the best factories and packaging facilities in the country.

How long is the product’s shelf life?

Look at the package to find the expiration date. You should have about 18 months from the time of purchase, though chances are you’ll finish the package well before then.

What’s the difference between your products?

One is a supplement packed with vitamins and minerals. This is what you want to take when you want greens, vitamins, antioxidants, and more. The other is the energy booster. It calms inflammation and helps your energy levels after physically stressful situations like workouts.

Can this product be applied on my skin?

Just as honey can be eaten or used on your skin, so can these products — to an extent. These are really meant to be eaten and not used topically, but we have heard of some customers mixing the product in with face masks. You should double-check with a dermatologist before doing that, though, to ensure the product will work well with your skin and not cause irritation.

Can these be used to supplement pet food?

You’re better off not doing that because the products were meant for humans and not animals. Remember, there are a lot of foods that are very healthy for humans but that can be dangerous for animals, like chocolate, onions, garlic, and more.

Do you carry products for specialized diets like gluten-free, vegan, etc.?

Yes — these ones. They’re made vegan and gluten-free from the start.

What type of water do you use as your products’ base?

Why does the product say it’s cold-pressed? Is there cooking oil in it?

Where do I store these things?

Keep them at room temp or in the freezer or fridge. Try to avoid hot temperatures because those can destroy some of the nutrition.

Can kids use these?

As long as the kids aren’t allergic to the ingredients, they should be fine.

Why does the ingredient list include juice?

That’s evaporated cane juice. It’s pretty much sugar, formed as extracted cane juice dries up but before the resulting powder is put through the decoloring process that conventional sugar normally goes through.

Can these be used during breastfeeding?

Usually, yes. It’s always good to check with your doctor, of course.

Can these be used during dialysis?

Usually, yes. Again, check with your doctor. In this case, the products could be very beneficial, but everyone’s dialysis situation is different.

How much Omega is in this?

If you mean omega-3s and omega-6s, those can’t be totally quantified in the product because they vary naturally. We do try to match what’s in a serving of fish, but each product could vary.

How do you use black cumin seeds in this?

We cold-press them and then grind them to get those nutritious oils and flours.

Will these help my swelling?

That will depend on the cause of the swelling.

What flavors do you carry?

We have (so far) pomegranate, peppermint, and passion fruit.

How much do I get when I buy this?

30 packets of Rain Seed products are available in each box (Rain Soul and Rain Core). So for less than a cup of coffee of Starbucks a day you can have all the essential nutrients that your body requires.

What do these ingredient names mean?

Ingredient lists often contain strange scientific names that can seem rather frightening. But our ingredients are naturally derived and safe to consume.
Trans-resveratrol: This is an antioxidant that you find in red grapes and wine.
Natural flavoring: Ours are truly natural, derived from various foods. The extracting does have to happen in a lab to satisfy health codes, but we don’t make frankenflavorings or anything like that.
L-Lactic acid: A natural sweetener derived from fermented sugar.
Citric acid: Vitamin C.
Xanthan gum: A thickener and food stabilizer. You can buy this at health food stores.
D-Ribose: A sugar that is both derived from corn and produced by the body.

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